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  • Tilia americana
  • Tiliaceae
  • Linden family

Common Names

Bast tree
Common lime
Lime Blossoms
Lime tree
Linden flower

Parts Usually Used

Flowers and leaves, inner bark


The basswood tree reaches a height of up to 120 feet. The brownish-gray bark is perpendicularly, but not deeply, fissured. The cordate, serrate leaves are from 4-7 inches long have pointed tips and heart-shaped bases; clusters of yellow-white fragrant flowers (1/2 inch wide) with 5 sepals and petals and numerous stamens cohering in groups, grow on long stalks from narrow bracts, appear in June and August; they are followed by small round nutlets. The fruits or seeds are about the size and shape of a pea and are commonly called "monkey-nuts". Tree characterized by prominent winter buds and the lack of terminal bud; and for the pyramidal shape of the tree.

Medicinal Properties

Diaphoretic, stomachic Bark: emollient.


Used as a home remedy for colds, flu, coughs, fever, headaches, epilepsy, indigestion, and sore throats. The inner bark contains mucilaginous materials and makes a soothing application for skin irritations, boils, wounds, sores, and burns. A popular continental herb tea. Used in cosmetic preparations.


Frequent consumption of flower tea may cause heart damage.

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